Seasons Driving School

The best and fully approved driving school in the district with professional instructors, well serviced vehicles, and a proficient learning environment (where they use both print and multimedia instruction materials). Seasons offers both written and road tests at the end of the learning process.




All training vehicles:

(a) have dual controls

(b) have a minimum of Third Party Insurance which covers your use of vehicle,

(c) are in good mechanical condition,

(d)  meet safety requirements,

(e) meet applicable country regulations

(f)  are registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (TRA), have a valid Vehicle Tax Disc/Road License, and hold a current  test or  Vehicle Inspection Certificate.

Our trainers (Instructors)

(a) have credibility and good reputation

(b) are registered and approved as leaner driver instructors by the relevant authorities

(c)  have evidence of having passed meaningful Train-the-Lerner Driver Program, and

(d) have a minimum of three years of experience as licensed successful truck driver with a good driving record.



Our class room learning environment is safe, sanitary, and comfortable, with adequate furnishing, light, temperature, ventilation and space.



We have a wide range of instruction materials (print and multimedia). A list of instruction materials is available on request.

Instruction content: Instruction is divided into driving and non-driving aspects. Classroom instruction occurs in a non vehicle environment and is composed of non driving units of instruction that cover information about operating a car safely as a first seat driver. Classroom instruction is supported by appropriate visual and audio aids such as slides, films, videotapes, displays, textbooks and written instructional materials, models, charts and mock-ups. Road instruction is supported with appropriate written materials. Simulators and computer assisted instruction will be introduced soon.



Program Outline and Objectives: A general program outline clearly identifies units of instruction including their broad purpose and general content. Units are designed around a combination of performance, knowledge and skill objectives. Performance Objectives specify what driver trainees can do at the conclusion of instruction, Knowledge Objectives describe what driver trainees know at the conclusion of instruction, and Skill Objectives describe the level of mastery or performance driver trainees must demonstrate at the conclusion of instruction.

Evaluation and Testing:

Classroom and Lab Tests: Written tests and performance assessments are used to test a sample of knowledge objectives for each unit of instruction. Test questions are phrased so that new drivers can answer correctly.

Behind the Wheel Tests: Road or on the streets tests (BTW tests) are used to assess the objectives of this part of training. Routes and road conditions that permit a wide range of observations are applied. Results are recorded on an examination checklist. Weekly evaluations are used and results discussed with the new driver/trainee. Written evaluations are provided and signed documentation of having provided direct feedback is maintained and available on request.



1. If a client cancels the program with or without notice, deposits made are not refundable.

2. If  a client shortens the program on his/her own accord there is no refund made. For extension of a program, payment must be made in advance.

3. School reserves the right to subcontract parts of the services agreed.

4. If  the car breaks down and a client loses a day or hour, an extra day (or hours) is compensated.

5. School (School means -Seasons Tanzania Limited), provides no BODILY INJURY or PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY INSURANCE or coverage to driver trainees or any third party. Drivers trainees insurance applies-Learner drivers (driver trainees) learn at their own risk and life/ medical insurance. However, if  driver trainee is in compliance with the terms and conditions of service and the School is determined by the law of the country to provide liability protection to driver trainees, such liability protection shall be limited to the minimum financial responsibility limits of the country.

6. Clients wishing to take School’s theory or practical test (s) must apply for the test (s) by paying a nominal test fee of  TZS 10,000.00

7. School will not compensate for life, property lost or damaged during instruction.

8. If any provision of this agreement is unlawful, contrary to public policy, void or unenforceable , remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect. The laws of Tanzania apply.

9. A violation of contract shall exist, (a) if the driver trainee gives a fictitious name, false address or age, (b) if the driver trainee violates any term or condition, (c) if there is reasonable evidence the driver trainee was under the influence of alcohol, or drugs while driving a training vehicle.

School responsibility, unless law requires does not extend to:

(A)   injuries to driver trainee while riding in, alighting from, entering or, on the training  vehicle

(B)   Any property owned or rented by or in the care of driver trainee.

(C)   Liability imposed upon or assumed by anyone under any workers compensation act, plan or contract.

(D)   Learner driver who will give false information about their age, gender, medical condition, name, address, references and or relatives etc.

(E)    Any consequences arising from any error or omission in its instruction  content, syllabus, curriculum or any errors caused by printers or resulting from changes in laws or in the Country’s Highway Code that may take place from time to time. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and relevancy of instruction content, the content  as provided by the School is not a National Highway Code, and shall not in any way supersede or replace the Country’s Highway Code, therefore shall not be used as basis for legal claims or actions.

Driver Trainee Indemnity provision: (a) Upon demand from the School’s administration, driver trainees agrees to indemnify and hold the School harmless from all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries , claims, demands, costs and expenses incurred by the School in any manner from this agreement or from the use or operation of the training vehicle or any training equipment including claims of, or liabilities to third parties and agrees to present a claim to their insurance carrier for all such expenses. If driver trainee has no insurance to cover such invents or losses, driver trainee agrees to pay the School for such losses.

Learner drivers must:

Demonstrate appropriate personal hygiene.

Present professional appearance.

Exercise patience with trainers.

Follow rules, regulations, and directions issued by the School’s management from time to time.

Treat trainers and staff with respect.

Demonstrate appropriate driver trainee behavior.

Refrain from the use of alcohol or illicit drugs.

Leaner Drivers will be responsible for looking after their own belongings, and those of the company including borrowed instruction materials, in print or electronic form (hard or soft form). Seasons Tanzania Limited will not be responsible for loss or damage to property owned by learner driver or any other person. The fair market value of replacing or repairing damage to property, including loss of use, will be borne by the responsible Learner Driver.