Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Zanzibar is considered as an archipelago off the main Tanzania coast. With about 90kms long and 30kms wide, it has some of the most interesting attractions for a discerning tourist and so far the perfect hide out on the Indian Ocean Islands with finest resorts and cottages. Zanzibar holidays are full of excitement with visits to Stone town which is Zanzibar’s largest town as well as the capital, then Nungwi the paradise of resort life on the northern tip of the island or Kendwa where fishing in Zanzibar is done.
Visit guides and maps for location of destinations, climate and weather as well as culture.
Among the most interesting activities include walking tours around the islands on the sandy beaches, scuba diving in the crystal clear water, deep sea fishing and so much more. There are all types of hotels and accommodation in Zanzibar ranging from 3 star hotels to five star hotels.

There are other cheaper options such as holiday inns, lodges, bread and breakfast residential units and holiday apartments. You can book a flight to Zanzibar cheaply online. Information about tickets, airfare, travel documents, getting a visa, airlines and travel safety information can be provided on request.

Zanzibar is known to be home to endemic Zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey, and the diverse marine life discovered on the islands’ surrounding coral reefs