About Us

SEASONS Tanzania Safaris and Tours is a unique Tours and Travel Company committed to excellent services and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We boast years of quality and reliable Travel, Tourism, and  Car Hire Services in Tanzania. We cater for all classes of tourists, from the luxury category to shoestring budgets category. Our safaris cover all National Parks, in a country bestowed with great variety and concentration of wild animals, birds, scenic beauty and culture in such diversity and abundance!SEASONS Tanzania Safaris and Tours

SEASONS Tanzania Safaris and Tours has a lot of experience in arranging ecotourism and visits/tours to historic sites and gameparks. Come and experience Tanzania’s rural life and visit several historical sites which serve as reminders of the strong Arabic influence. You can also visit Usambara mountains, Pangani historical town, Pare Mountains, Amboni Caves, Mbozi meteorite site, Masaai land and Kondoa Irangi Mountain Paintings.

We arrange hotel bookings; you can make hotel reservation online on our website. We provide our clients with a wide range of selected hotels together with their information from budget accommodation to luxury hotels or tented lodges

Also you can send a request to rent a car  online (chauffeur driven/self drive).